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Playback Message Settings

The following URI can be used to view the user template object ID:

    GET https://<connection-server>/vmrest/usertemplates/<usertemplateobjectid>

Edit Parameters

Request Body:

The following is the response from the above *PUT* request and the actual response will depend upon the information given by you:

Response Code: 204

NOTE: To sort the message type:

  • for new message: <NewMessageSortOrder>2</NewMessageSortOrder>
  • for saved message: <SaveMessageSortOrder>1</SaveMessageSortOrder>
  • for deleted message: <DeletedMessageSortOrder>1</DeletedMessageSortOrder>

All the possible values for above three parameters are given in the table.

Explanation of Data Fields

Parameter Values
Volume 25: Low

50: Medium 100: High

Speed 50: Slow

100: Normal 150: Fast 200: Fastest

SaveMessageOnHangup True: New

False: Saved

NewMessageSortOrder 1: Newest First

2: Oldest First

SavedMessageSortOrder 1: Newest First

2: Oldest First

DeletedMessageSortOrder 1: Newest First

2: Oldest First

NOTE: Volume and Speed parameters must be of the same range given in the table.

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