Cisco Unity Connection Provisioning Interface (CUPI) API -- Getting the Object Schema Details

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All the schema details for all supported object types can be obtained by going to the REST schema page using the URL:

http:// {server name} /vmrest/schema

All the objects supported will come up in a list, each as a link that will take you to a page detailing which items of information will be returned when fetching that object.

NOTE: In the case of users the schema shows what will come back when fetching the full user data using a URL like this:

http:// {server name} /vmrest/users/{object_id}

If, however, you are getting a list of users or searching for one or more users with a query parameter like this:

http:// {server name} /vmrest/users?query=(alias%20is%20operator)

then you will get a subset of user properties on each user returned in the list. This is an optimization since users have such a large amount of data associated with them that returning all of those properties for each user on a potentially large list is very inefficient. Make sure your application accounts for this.

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