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CUNI Guide Contents
API Overview
CUNI Event Schema
Subscribing to and Processing Notification Events


Where Can I Get the WSDL?

The WSDL can be found at: http://<connection-server>/messageeventservice/services/MessageEventService?wsdl

Note: the WSDL is the same across versions except that for 8.0 there was a keepAlive parameter added to the subscribe method.

What Happens to Subscriptions if the Cisco Unity Connection Server Is Restarted?

Subscriptions are stored in the database. When Cisco Unity Connection is restarted, the Notifier reads the existing subscriptions and begins sending out notifications.

Are There Any Unsupported Methods?

Yes. subscribeForAllResources is currently not supported, so users must be listed explicitly. Also there is no current support for SSL connections for callbacks.

Can Multiple Subscriptions Use the Same Callback URL?

Not exactly. If Cisco Unity Connection sees a repeat subscription for a callback URL, it will delete the previous subscription as a safeguard against ending up with unintentional subscriptions.

Is CUNI a replacement for COMET Notifications?

No. Comet notifications are primarily for sending notifications to browser clients, each representing a single user. CUNI is not a replacement for comet: it is for server-to-server notifications, whereas Comet is for server-to-client notifications.

What is the main use case that CUNI is intended for? What are the advantages over comet?

CUNI is meant for sending message events for multiple users over a single channel, such as in a server-to-server applications.

How does CUNI scale for about 20,000 users? Does it have any scale limitations in terms of number of subscriptions?

CUNI has been tested with several thousand users. Suggestion is for using one limiting per subscription to 500 user at maximum. Each subscription can register to receive events for multiple users.

How is the event notification made to the listener, are several events batched and sent at a set interval or are they sent as they occur?

Notifications are mainly sent as they occur. If a single user has a bunch in rapid succession, they will be batched.

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