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Welcome to the Cisco Unified Presence Wiki!

This content applies to Cisco Unified Presence Release 8.0

Search the Cisco Unified Presence Release 8.x documentation:

Contributing to the Wiki

We welcome all contributions to the Cisco Unified Presence documentation wiki! If you wish to contribute, read the guidelines below:

  • All registered Cisco customers, partners, and employees can edit or add content to DocWiki. Simply sign in to Cisco DocWiki using your CCO login and start writing!
  • You can contribute any type of content, from small edits to new pages or articles. See DocWiki Getting Started for general information on getting started and adding new pages.
  • Don’t fret too much about formatting your content. If you add the content, we will tidy it up for you! We moderate the wiki regularly and we are informed of all updates.
  • Got some content but not sure where to put it? Place it in our Knowledge Base bucket..
  • Finally don't be afraid to make changes! They can always be reversed if you make a mistake.

Cisco Unified Presence Knowledge Base

Do you have information or a procedure that is not covered in our documentation?

Do you have troubleshooting information, or a known issue?

Do you have a useful workaround?

Share this information with other Cisco Unified Presence users in our Knowledge Base!


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Set Up CUP and CUPC Traces for Cisco Technical Support

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