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When configuring the multi-node feature, you need to consider the following:

  • We recommend the high-availability deployment option.
  • Use similar hardware for all nodes in your deployment.
  • Minimize your hardware, for example, instead of using six MCS 7825 servers that support a total of six thousand users, choose two MCS 7835 servers that can support a total of five thousand users.
  • Use the same generation of server hardware.
  • If you must mix generations of similar hardware, put the same generations of older hardware together in a subcluster and put fewer users on this subcluster than on the more powerful subclusters. Note that we do not recommend this deployment practice.
  • We recommend the following disk drives for the multi-node feature:
    • MCS 7816: minimum one 160GB drive (a 250GB drive can also be used)
    • MCS 7825: minimum two 160GB drives (two 250GB drives can also be used, upgrade required from smaller 80GB drives)
    • MCS 7835: minimum two 146GB drives (upgrade required from smaller 72GB drives)
    • MCS 7845: minimum four 72GB drives (upgrade recommended to four 146GB drives)
Note: The MCS 7845 with four 72GB drives can run the scalability feature, but this hardware with four 146GB drives is preferred.
  • If you have older-generation hardware, follow the disk drive upgrade recommendations above. You must meet the minimal disk capacity on each server in the cluster in order to achieve scale.

Note: Upgrading drives will allow older hardware to be used in a multi-node cluster. However, we recommend that you use the latest hardware available for the multi-node feature as this hardware will have more powerful CPU, more memory and faster input/output processing.

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  • For a list of the supported hardware for the multi-node feature, and hardware user assignment guidelines for the multi-node feature, see the Cisco Unified Presence compatibility matrices at this URL:

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