Cisco Unified Presence, Release 7.x -- Hardware and Software Compatibility Information for Cisco Unified Presence Release 7.x

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Main page: Cisco Unified Presence, Release 7.x

Print PDF: Cisco Unified Presence, Release 7.x -- Generating a PDF of Cisco Unified Presence Book Lists

This module describes the version and compatibility requirements for installing and upgrading Cisco Unified Presence. The document also provides information about the hardware platforms and IP phone models that are compatible with Cisco Unified Presence from Release 7.0(1) , 7.0(2), 7.0(3), 7.0(4), 7.0(5), 7.0(6), 7.0(7), 7.0(8) and 7.0(9).

Before you install Cisco Unified Presence, we recommend that you review the Cisco Unified Presence Software Compatibility for information about issues that may affect your system.

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