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  • This procedure is only applicable if you are configuring a multi-node deployment.
  • You only need to configure the cluster-wide Cisco Unified Presence address on the publisher node. The information is replicated to all nodes in the cluster.
  • When you configure a cluster-wide Cisco Unified Presence address, set the port of SRV to 5060.
Before You Begin

Read the cluster-wide DNS SRV topic.


1. Select Cisco Unified Presence Administration > System > Service Parameters.

2. Select the Cisco Unified Presence server from the Server menu.

3. Select Cisco UP Sip Proxy from the Service menu.

4. Edit the SRV Cluster Name field in the General Proxy Parameters (Clusterwide) section.

By default this parameter is empty.

5. Select SRV from the Address Resolution Type menu in the General Proxy Parameters (Clusterwide) section.

When you set the Address Resolution to SRV, this value overrides the default value of the Proxy Domain field.

6. Select Save.

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