Cisco Unified Presence, Release 7.x -- (Optional) Configuring the Microsoft Exchange Notification Port

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By default, the Presence Engine listens for incoming notifications from the Exchange server on UDP port 50020. This topic only applies if you want to use another port for any reason specific to your network configuration.

Before You Begin

If you change from the default port, make sure that the replacement port you assign is not already in use.

  1. Select Cisco Unified Presence Administration > System > Service Parameters.
  2. Select the Cisco Unified Presence server from the Server menu.
  3. Select Cisco UP Presence Engine (Active) from the Service menu.
  4. Edit the Parameter Value field in the Presence Engine Configuration section. By default this parameter is 50020.
  5. Select Save.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you change from the default port, the Presence Engine will continue to use the existing calendar information for users, (including the number of meetings and the start and end times) until such time as the Exchange subscription for the user is renewed. It may take up to an hour for the Presence Engine to receive notifications that a user’s calendar has changed.

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