Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Partially Connects to CTIManager but Cannot Control the Desk Phone

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When you sign into Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, and select Desk Phone from the Phone Mode menu, Cisco Unified Personal Communicator is able to connect to CTIManager but is unable to control the phone. The Server Health window in Cisco Unified Personal Communicator (select CUPC > Help > Show Server Health) confirms that the Desk Phone is 'Partially Connected(Primary) - Cannot Connect to Phone'.

What Caused it?

Typically, this failure happens if one or more of these conditions is true:

1. the phone is not registered

2. the phone is not associated with the user

3. the phone is not CTI enabled

The Cisco Unified Personal Communicator log confirms this:


What Can You Do?

1. Verify that the phone is registered.

2. Verify that the phone is associated on the End User Configuration window. Select Cisco Unified Communications Manager > User Management> End User.

3. Verify that the phone has 'Allow Control of Device from CTI' enabled.

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