Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 8.0 -- Troubleshooting Problems When Scheduling Meetings

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Issue When Rescheduling a Recurring Chain

Problem: User schedules a recurring meeting chain then modifies the meeting chain as follows:

  • User creates an exception by selecting one instance of the meeting chain and adding or deleting a participant (or video terminal) just for this instance
  • User later selects an occurrence of the meeting chain and updates a participant (or video terminal) by adding, deleting, changing an email address and so on for all instances in the chain. User then reschedules the meeting.

The meeting chain is rescheduled with the new participant information. However, this change is not propperly applied to the exception that was originally made. For this instance, the change is completely missing or is applied to the wrong participant.

Possible Cause: All participants, including video terminals, are assigned a part ID when they are originally invited to a meeting. When different participants are added to individual instances of a meeting chain, confusion between part IDs may arise resulting in lost information.

Solution: Do not use the "This and all future occurences of the recurring meeting series" option when updating participant information for meeting chains that contain exceptions with customized participant lists. Instead, apply the participant information update to all individual instances separately.

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