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You can send an email message to a user group or to all users in the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace database. This can be useful for sending productivity tips, announcing new features, and warning users of scheduled maintenance downtime.


Before You Begin

Make sure that you have configured the system to support the selected Email type and format in your user profile. For example, if an SMTP option is selected, make sure that the SMTP Server Configuration Page is properly configured.

  1. Sign in to the Administration Center.
  2. Select Maintenance > Email Blast.
  3. Fill in the fields in Table: Field Reference: Email Blast Page.

Table: Field Reference: Email Blast Page
Field Description


The user group to which you want to send the email blast.

To send the email blast to all users whose user profiles contain an email address, choose ----- All -----.

Default: ----- None -----


The language in which the email blast is sent.

Default: English (US)


The subject of the email blast.

Default: Administrator announcement


The text in the body of the email blast.

4. Select Send.

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