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The dbsize utility lists the sizes of several important database tables. To run the utility, sign in to the Application Server CLI as the root user.

[root@ApplicationServer ~]# dbsize

Number of users


Number of groups


Number of conferences


Number of conference participants


Number of conference time records


Number of conference notifications


Number of conference category records


Number of conference attachments


Number of meeting number reservations


The size of certain database tables can impact the performance of the system. The following table lists the recommended maximum number of records for specific tables, which you should periodically check using the dbsize utility. When necessary, reduce the number of records by using the applicable process.

dbsize Output Recommended Maximum How to Reduce the Number

Number of users

250,000 users

Verify active users, and delete any obsolete user profiles.

Number of conferences

600,000 conferences

Reduce the value of the Days until meeting statistics deleted field on the Meeting Configuration Page.

The reduction will take place over time as new meetings are scheduled with the new retention period and older meetings are purged from the system.

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