Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 6.1 -- RAP: Five Steps to Collaboration

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Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 6.1 > Introducing Cisco Unified MeetingPlace to Your Organization

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Cisco Systems supports and administers RAP until Cisco Unified MeetingPlace is fully implemented and adopted by your employees. RAP is a flexible program that can be quickly adopted to address your current processes. Work with your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace application consultant to determine which steps and which components are appropriate for you.


Step 1: Prepare

Before introducing Cisco Unified MeetingPlace to your employees, you and your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace application consultant will define how Cisco Unified MeetingPlace supports your business initiatives. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace is then branded with your name, system tools are customized, support staff is prepared, and other preannouncement tasks are completed.

See Worksheet 6-1: Prepare.

Step 2: Announce

Presenting Cisco Unified MeetingPlace to your user community may be made by using any combination of e-mail, voice mail, company newsletters, and/or on-site marketing. You may choose an enterprisewide announcement strategy, a department-by-department strategy, or a combination of both. Toward this aim, we provide you with the following:

  • Sample e-mail and voice mail templates. Announcements that generate initial awareness while providing employees with the basic skills they need to use Cisco Unified MeetingPlace.
  • Quick Reference Cards. Customizable cards that contain the basic steps for scheduling and attending a meeting through various interfaces.
  • Training modules. Flash-based training for end-users.

See Worksheet 6-2: Announce.

Step 3: Quick Start

For end users, contacts, and attendants, there are quick-start guides, wallet cards, and user guides. They may also choose from a variety of training experiences, such as:

  • The Cisco Enterprise Training. On-site or remote training sessions conducted by training experts to get system administrators and end users up and running.
  • Lunch & Learn Sessions. Quick Start training in an informal setting on site.
  • Technology Fair. An on-site opportunity for users to ask questions and view demos as part of a company-sponsored Technology Fair.
  • Tips and Application Stories. Periodic e-mail reminders to end users about the functionality of Cisco Unified MeetingPlace.

See Worksheet 6-3: Quick Start.

Step 4: Permeate

Simply knowing how to use Cisco Unified MeetingPlace is rarely enough to maximize the system's capabilities. Your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace application consultant will help your organization identify departments that will benefit from usingCisco Unified MeetingPlace for specific applications (for example, crisis management, product demos, or sales meetings). Toward this aim, application demos have been created and are available for your use.

Training continues with the following options:

  • New Hire Awareness Kit. A complete guide to get new employees up to speed on Cisco Unified MeetingPlace quickly and easily.
  • Cisco Unified MeetingPlace University. Live online training sessions to get system managers up to speed and help train new employees.
  • Customer roundtables. Open forum discussions for system administrators from a wide array of customer organizations to discuss issues and solutions with each other.

See Worksheet 6-4: Permeate.

Step 5: Monitor and Expand

The final step in any good plan is reviewing the plan's success and provisioning for the future. Toward this aim, the Cisco marketing department administers an End User Satisfaction Survey. Your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace application consultant can provide you with more information about this. As more users adopt Cisco Unified MeetingPlace capacity planning helps to ensure availability of sufficient capacity.

See Worksheet 6-5: Monitor and Expand.

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