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Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 6.1 > Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Audio Server > Configuring > Command-Line Interface Reference

When you are logged in to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace via a Telnet session, enter help to see a list of most technician commands.

To look up information about a specific command, do the following:

  1. Enter help followed by the command name. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace displays the command description one screen at a time.
    Note: Some commands do not have any Help information. In that case, the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system displays a message stating that no Help is available for this command.
  2. Enter 1 to see the next line. To see more lines, enter a larger number. Larger numbers cause more lines to appear.
    Press the space bar to see the next screen. Use the resize command if the amount of text displayed does not fit on your screen. At the end of the file, (END) appears.
  3. Return to the tech$ prompt by entering q . (You do not need to press Enter .)

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