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Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 6.1 > Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Audio Server > Scheduling and Attending Meetings

Instead of scheduling a meeting that occurs more than once, users can schedule a recurring meeting (one that occurs regularly at the same time). Recurring meetings must be scheduled and modified by using the Schedule tab in MeetingTime. Users cannot set up recurring meetings using the phone interface. See Table: Recurring Meeting Options.

Table: Recurring Meeting Options
Option Description

Schedule recurring meetings

Organizers can schedule recurring meetings (such as weekly or monthly meetings). Use the Frequency and # of Occurrences parameters in the Schedule tab.

Delete a recurring meeting

After users schedule a recurring meeting, they can delete a specific session of the recurring meeting or the entire recurring meeting chain.

Note: This feature is different from the System Manager Agents feature, which prompts schedulers with a reminder notification when there has been a preset number of no-show recurring meetings. For more information on configuring System Manager Agents, see the Configuring System Manager Agents.

Reschedule a recurring meeting

Users can reschedule a recurring meeting and apply the change to a single meeting in the chain or to all future occurrences of the meeting. Because port availability and meeting ID conflicts can prevent certain meetings in a chain from being rescheduled, users can view any scheduling conflicts that the scheduling request might cause. After viewing the results, users can commit to the changes or cancel rescheduling.

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