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Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 6.1 > Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Audio Server > Scheduling and Attending Meetings

Q&A Meetings are an enhancement to the lecture-style meeting. These meetings consist of a main speaker or set of speakers acting as the facilitator or focus for the meeting. Speakers discuss the subject or topic(s) and then accept questions from meeting participants.

With the Q&A feature, listen-only participants can "Request the floor" to ask a question or address the meeting, and moderators can selectively grant temporary speaking ability to those participants. MeetingTime provides full feature control, and the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace touch-tone interface provides capabilities for both listen-only participants and the meeting moderators.

Note: Q&A meetings is not supported for video participants.


Scheduling Q&A Meetings

When a Q&A meeting is scheduled, the meeting creator or controller must set parameters as shown in Table: Q&A Meeting Parameters.

Table: Q&A Meeting Parameters
Parameter Options

Off at Meeting Startup (Indicates whether Q&A is on or off)

Yes or No

Notify Attendees About Q&A (Controls whether an instructional Q&A prompt is played as people enter the meeting)

Yes or No

Q&A Introduction (Controls whether other people hear an announcement as participants are given the floor)

Silent, Beep, or Beep+Name

Q&A Departure (Controls whether other people hear an announcement when people leave the floor)

Silent, Beep, or Beep+Name

Automatically Ask Next Question (Controls whether participants in line to ask a question are automatically granted speaking ability at their turn)

Yes or No

To allow the meeting moderator to control when a participant moves to the floor and to grant speaking ability, choose No. To allow participants to be automatically moved to the floor and granted speaking ability at their turn, choose Yes.

More Than One Question Per Site (Schedulers can specify how many positions a participant can occupy in the queue, waiting to ask a question)

Note: This parameter does not limit the number of questions a participant can ask, but does limit the number of times they can be listed in the queue to ask a question.

Yes or No

Attending a Q&A Meeting

Use Table: Attending Q&A Meetings for information about attending Q&A meetings.

Table: Attending Q&A Meetings
For This Participant Do This

Listener on the phone

In lecture-style meetings, speakers who enter the meeting are placed in the meeting normally and are able to talk with other speakers. If the Lecture Mtg Attend Settings parameter is set to Start Callers in Waiting Room, participants designated as listeners are placed in a "waiting room" and listen to music on hold until the meeting is called to order. While in the waiting room, they cannot speak or hear the speakers in the main meeting. Listeners are admitted to the meeting by the speakers.


When the speaker(s) decides that it is time to start the meeting they call the meeting to order (from MeetingTime by clicking the gavel on the meeting room table or from a touch-tone phone by pressing #45 in the meeting). Once the meeting has been brought to order, any participants in the waiting room and all newly arriving participants are placed directly into the meeting.

Asking Questions from the Phone

When Q&A is enabled, any participant can press #71 on the phone keypad and be placed at the end of the first-come, first-served queue of participants waiting to address the meeting. A participant can leave the line by pressing #72 .

After the request is made, the participant hears the following prompt: "Please wait to speak in the meeting. You are the <nth > participant waiting." The participant is then returned to the meeting.


  • Participants can be in queue multiple times if the Allow More Than One Question Per Site parameter is set to Yes.
  • Participants are informed about their position in line only if their profile preferences has the Tell My Position in Line parameter set to Yes.

Moderating Q&A Meetings from MeetingTime

Do the following procedure.

To Moderate Q&A Meetings from MeetingTime
  1. Open MeetingTime, and click the microphone icon on the meeting room table, to display the Question and Answer (Q&A ) screen.
  2. Use the information in the following table to moderate a Q&A meeting:

To Do This

See who is attending the meeting by phone

View the Meeting Participants list.

Place a participant in the question queue

In the Meeting Participants list, click the participant and click >> next to Meeting Participants. The participant moves to Callers in Line to Speak.

Let someone in Callers in Line Speak ask a question (giving them the floor)

For Callers in Line to Speak, select the participant, then click >> next to Callers That Have the Floor.

The participant currently in Callers that have the floor moves off the floor.

Move a participant off the floor after asking a question

For Callers in Line to Speak, select the participant, then click >> (to the right of the Callers in Line to Speak list).

Remove a participant from the queue or floor

Select the participant and click Remove (below the list where the name appears).

Move a participant forward one place in the queue

For Callers in Line to Speak, select the participant, then click' ' Move Up .

Move a participant back one place in the queue

For Callers in Line to Speak, select the participant, then click Move Down .

Remove all participants from the queue or floor

Select the participant and click s (below the list where the name appears).

See who currently has the floor

View the Asking a Question list.

Prevent participants from queuing up for questions (people already in the queue may ask their question)

Click Disable Questions .

Hear a participant's recorded name played back during the meeting (audible only to the moderator)

In the In Session tab, select the participant's name and click the microphone button. The playback is not included in the meeting recording.

3. To close the window, click Close .

Remember the following information:

  • When a listen-only participant opens the Q&A window from the MeetingTime conference room, the >>, Move Up, Move Down, and Remove All buttons are all disabled.
  • Any user with at least delegate privileges is by default a speaker (or meeting moderator), and the Q&A screen invoked from the In Session tab is that of a meeting moderator. A meeting moderator can ask a question on behalf of any participant in the meeting but a listen-only participant can only listen or ask a question for themselves even if they are granted speaking privileges.

Starting Reservationless Meetings Through MeetingTime

Reservationless meetings can be started through MeetingTime. After some people have joined the meeting, you can enter the meeting room. The "Bring meeting to order" gavel is down. Click the gavel to start the meeting.

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