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Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 6.1 > Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Audio Server > Maintaining > Managing and Maintaining

To optimize disk space usage, you can begin by gathering disk usage statistics using the View Disk Usage option on the System tab as well as the Disk Usage Report.


Viewing Disk Usage Statistics

You can monitor the amount of disk space currently being used in the system. Unlike the Disk Usage Information report (described in the Disk Usage Information Report), which shows usage statistics for each user, these disk usage statistics include values for the entire Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system, including:

  • Total voice storage space on disk (in minutes)
  • Meeting agenda minutes
  • Meeting guest name minutes
  • System profile name minutes
  • Custom prompt minutes
  • Meeting title minutes
  • Meeting recording minutes
  • Miscellaneous recording space minutes
  • Total voice storage space available on disk

To View the System Disk Usage Statistics
  1. In the MeetingTime System tab, select View Disk Usage Statistics .
  2. Click Execute .

Assigning System-Wide Parameters

Using the Scheduling Parameters topic and Server Configuration topic in the Configure tab, you can assign system-wide parameters, as described in Table: System-Wide Parameters.

Table: System-Wide Parameters
Topic Parameter Description

Scheduling Parameters

Max mtg recdg length (min)

Limits the number of minutes any meeting can be recorded. Set this parameter when you need to manage disk space.

Scheduling Parameters

# of days to retain

Set according to your disk space constraints. Inform users of this setting, and advised if it will change. If the parameter is changed, the change affects only newly scheduled or rescheduled meetings.

Server Configuration

Max recdg space (min)

Ensures that, if there is enough disk space at the time the meeting is scheduled, enough space will be reserved for recording the entire meeting. You may find users reserving space for meetings that they do not in fact record.

Recording and Message Parameters

The following system-wide scheduling and recording parameters also affect the time available for a meeting and disk space usage:

  • Max agenda recdg (sec)
  • Max mtg name recdg (sec)
  • Max user name recdg (sec)
  • Max voice comment (sec)
  • Max mtg message length (sec)

You can also control disk space usage by the way you set up a profile user's individual recording parameters, as shown in Table: Recording and Message Parameters.

Table: Recording and Message Parameters
Parameter Description Choices

Able to Record Meetings

This is set by the system administrator and cannot be changed by the user.

Yes, No

Record Meetings

When Able to Record Meetings? is Yes, this parameter determines whether meetings are automatically recorded (unless the user manually turns recording off during the meeting).

Recommended: No

Yes, No

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