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Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 6.1 > Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Audio Server > Configuring > MeetingTime

MeetingTime is desktop software that communicates with the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace 8106 or 8112 over the LAN or WAN.

System administrators use MeetingTime to perform the following administrative functions:

  • Configure the system and Cisco Unified MeetingPlace user profiles
  • Run reports or raw data exports
  • Run capacity management tools
  • Perform common system management tasks

Meeting participants can use MeetingTime to set up, attend, and review their conferences.


MeetingTime is a desktop application through which you can access and configure the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Audio Server system for all types of users, including end users, contacts, attendants, and system administrators. As a system administrator, you must have a copy of MeetingTime to manage and maintain the system.

In addition, you may choose to deploy MeetingTime to other users, including help desk employees, department administrators, and qualified end users.

The MeetingTime software runs on desktop computers. It communicates with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace over the LAN or WAN using TCP/IP, an industry-standard networking protocol. The software uses an intuitive graphical user interface and provides access to advanced features that are not available over the phone.

NOTE: Do not install or run MeetingTime on Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Servers, due to performance constraints and Cisco Security Agent restrictions.

Five MeetingTime licenses are included with every Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system. As a system administrator, you use MeetingTime to configure the system, run reports, monitor capacity, and run routine system management functions, as described later in this chapter.

Your help desk department can also use MeetingTime to handle end user problems, monitor meetings, and control in-session features. For more information about using MeetingTime as a system administrator, see the System Administrator Responsibilities.

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