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Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 6.1 > Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Audio Server > Scheduling and Attending Meetings

You can schedule meetings with up to 550 participants in either all speaker (everyone may speak) or lecture-style format. For greater efficiency, we recommend that you schedule large meetings (over 100 participants) as lecture-style. You can enhance lecture-style meetings with Q&A meeting features.

As well as setting the Lecture Meeting Attend Settings parameter, we recommend that you also set the parameters for large meetings as shown in Table: Recommended Parameters for Large Meetings.

Table: Recommended Parameters for Large Meetings
For This Parameter Choose

Entry Announcement (Announces participants as they enter the meeting)

Silent so that late comers do not disturb the meeting

Departure Announcement (Announces participants when they exit the meeting)

Silent to avoid disturbing the meeting

Disable Roll Call (Participants hear a list of the first 120 users currently in the meeting)

Yes for large meetings, when you want to disable the roll call feature and avoid disturbing participants

To enhance any lecture-style meeting with Q&A features, see the About Q&A Meetings.

Application and Desktop Sharing Considerations for Large Meetings

For an optimal meeting experience, we recommend that presenters use application or desktop sharing only for meetings with less than 350 participants (or 300 participants if SSL is enabled on the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Conferencing server). For larger meetings, we recommend that presenters upload a PowerPoint file to be converted to a presentation either before the meeting (by adding it as an attachment from the meeting scheduling pages) or during the meeting (by uploading the file from the Share tool Documents menu), and share the PowerPoint presentation from within the meeting room.

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