Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express, Release 2.x -- Viewing the Current Status of the System

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Use the system status to check the condition of the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express system. The system status shows the following information:

  • System status details, such as mode, temperature, and power supply
  • Each server name
  • Each mailbox name and the number of messages that are in each mailbox
  • Each module name and its status
  • The CPU usage statistics

Note: If you want to view the status of the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express system during a particular time period, see the Viewing the System Information Capture (Infocap) Log.

  1. Log in to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express and click Administration.
  2. Click Services > System Status.
  3. Click Execute.
  4. To export the data, click Export to File.

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