Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express, Release 2.x -- Security Recommendations For Your System

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While your company may already have guidelines for restricting access to its computer systems, we also recommend that you perform the tasks listed in Table: Security Recommendations for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express.

Table: Security Recommendations for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express
Security Recommendation Where to Find Information

Secure the server's physical location. Keep the server in an area protected by a lock or a card-key system to prevent unauthorized access to the system.


Keep the database current. Deactivate or delete the user profiles of employees who leave the company.

How to Change the State of a User Profile

Change the default passwords for the system administrator.

Changing the Passwords for the System Administrator

Complete as many security-related tasks as are appropriate for your user base.

How to Secure Your System

For Release 2.1.x only: Make the password for the mpxadmin user more complex.

Enabling Password Complexity for the mpxadmin User

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