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The following requirements apply to all types of import files:

  • Import files must use the comma-separated value (CSV) format.
  • The first line of the import file contains header fields that specify the order in which data appears in all subsequent lines. The header fields may be in any order.
All subsequent lines of the import file contain the actual data. The data must appear in the order specified in the first line of the import file.

Table: Required Headers in Import Files
Type of Import File Purpose Required Header Fields

User groups

Adding or deleting

User profiles


User profiles



Scheduling or canceling

For all optional header fields that are not included in the import file, the system uses the default value for the import data. For descriptions and values of available import fields, see the following sections:

The following notes apply to the import file:

  • Any spaces placed at the beginning or end of a value are deleted during the import process unless the value and the leading or ending spaces are enclosed in double quotation marks (" "). Spaces within a value, for example in Tech Support for a billing code, are imported without being deleted.
  • Any commas used in a value must be enclosed in double quotation marks, such as using "Smith, John" for a user ID.
  • All text is case insensitive.

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