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This page is used to import user profile information that is specified in a comma-separated values (CSV) formatted file.

Table: Fields on the Import User Profiles Page
Field Description Value

Action to perform

Whether to add or delete user profiles from the database.

Note: If you delete a user, all meetings associated with that user are deleted, too.

Add profiles to system/ Delete profiles from system

Default: Add profiles to system

Data file to use

Directory path and filename of the import file that contains the user profile information.

To locate the file, click Browse.

Overwrite duplicate information

Whether to overwrite data that is duplicated in the target file as a result of importing.

If you select No, all existing user profiles in the database are skipped and remain as is.

If you select Yes, existing user profiles in the database are overwritten by any duplicate imported user profiles. Exceptions:


Default: No

Send log information to

See Send log info to.


Default: Screen

Error threshold

If the number of errors that occur while importing user profiles is greater than this error threshold, the system aborts the import.

To estimate the error threshold, determine the number of users in the import file and add 10.

Range: 1 to 5000

Default: 50

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