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This page is used to add or delete meetings that are specified in a comma-separated values (CSV) formatted file.

Table: Fields on the Import Meetings Page
Field Description Value

Action to perform

Whether to schedule or cancel meetings from the database.

Schedule meetings/ Cancel meetings

Default: Schedule meetings

Data file to use

Directory path and filename of the import file that contains the user profile information.

To locate the file, click Browse.

Scheduler user ID

Username to enter as the owner of meetings with blank SchedulerUid fields in the import file.

Any valid username

Default: your username

Send log info to

See Send log info to.


Default: Screen

Error threshold

If the number of errors that occur while importing a meeting file is greater than this error threshold, then the system aborts the import.

To estimate the error threshold, determine the number of meetings (not records) in the meetings file and add 10.

The following errors may be generated during the meeting-import process and logged in the import log:

  • An imported meeting cannot be scheduled for any reason, such as those described in the Requirements for Import Files.
  • The scheduled start date and time of an imported meeting is in the past.
  • An imported meeting has the same meeting ID as an existing meeting.

Range: 1 to 5000

Default: 50

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