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Note: This section only applies to Release 2.0.3 and later.

Caution! Increasing log levels can severely decrease system performance and even freeze Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express. Only change the log levels if Cisco TAC requests that you change them.

Field Description Values

Web Applications


Main web application consisting of the End-User Interface (used for scheduling, attending, and finding meeting and customizing user profiles) and the Administration Center (used for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express administration).


Google Search

Integration with Google search box. If a company has a Google search box, it can be integrated to search for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express meetings.



MailService used for creating and sending all back-end e-mail notifications (SMTP and Exchange integration) for meetings, alarms, backup and archiving; also used for generating reports.


Outlook Web

Microsoft Outlook plug-in (running on client) connects to this web application (running on the server) and uses it to schedule and view meetings from Microsoft Outlook.


Web Services

Used for various external integrations, for example, the Cisco Unity connection.


Secure Web Services

Used to communicate with the secondary server if you are using Segmented Meeting Access (SMA). In a DMZ deployment the secondary server communicates with the primary server through this web service.


Core Applications

Conference Scheduler

The component responsible for meeting management functions such as scheduling, starting, ending, and reserving ports.

A hexadecimal value. The entry FFFF captures all logs.


Voice User Interface. This component is responsible for allowing users to dial in and outdialing other users prior to putting them into conferences. Issues regarding individual user audio sessions and conferences are debugged in this component.

A hexadecimal value. The entry FFFFFFFF captures all logs.

Software Mixer

Used to debug problems with audio quality, codes, and so on.


PO Client

The interface between Conference Scheduler and RCMS for problems with e-mail.



Call Control Agent. Makes and receives telephone calls. The interface between Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express and Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Issues regarding failed telephone calls, sudden disconnects, and lost digit presses are debugged in this component.



Module responsible for communication between CCA, VUI, and Software Mixer.

A hexadecimal value. The entry FFFFFFFF captures all logs.

Network Traffic Log

Capture Filter

Refers to the Ethereal hostname/IP address for capturing network traffic. See the Etheral documentation for additional information. After capturing this log you can retrieve it by running Infocap. See the Viewing the System Information Capture (Infocap) Log.

A valid address

Stop Capturing After

The duration of the capture.

30 s/1min/2 min/5 min/10 min

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