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This page is used to add a translation rule to the ANI digit match table used by the auto-attend feature.

Field Description Value


Description of this rule.

1 to 50 alphanumeric characters

Digits to Match

Number of digits that must be in the ANI in order for this rule to be applied.

If this value is set to 0, this field is ignored. That is, the ANI can have any number of digits and this rule will still be applied.

Example: If the ANI is 2345 and this field is set to 4, apply this rule, because 2345 is comprised of 4 digits. If the ANI is 23456, do not apply this rule because 23456 is comprised of 5 digits.


Match String

Apply this rule if this string matches the beginning of the ANI digits.

This string is removed from the ANI.

Example: If this field is set to 23, and the ANI is 2345, remove the 23 to make the modified ANI equal to 45.

0-32 alphanumeric characters

Replace By

Insert these digits at the beginning of the ANI.

Example: If this field is set to 789, the ANI is now 78945.

0-32 alphanumeric characters

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