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This page is used to add a video type.

Table: Fields on the Add Video Type Page
Field Description Values

Video Type Name

Name of this video type. This name is used on the user configuration pages and must be unique.

0-32 characters

Min Bit Rate

The minimum video bit rate that will be assigned to meetings using this type.

This is used to prevent endpoints from establishing a video session with a low bit rate which could degrade the quality of the meeting.

64 / 192 / 384 / 768

Default: 64

Max Bit Rate

The maximum bit rate at which a video caller can connect to the system.

Limiting the maximum bit rate allows the system administrator to maximize the number of video connections. If the administrator increases the maximum bit rate, the number of available video ports is linearly reduced. For example, if the maximum bit rate is doubled, then the number of video ports is reduced by half. When a user schedules a meeting, the system reserves ports at the rate specified by the Max Bit Rate parameter.

Meeting participants cannot join at a rate higher than the value of the Max Bit Rate parameter. If a participant joins at a rate lower than the value of the Max Bit Rate, the system retains the additional SRUs allowing additional participants to join the meeting.

Only signaled rates are taken into account. Flow-controlled bitrates are not taken into account. For example, if a meeting was scheduled with a maximum bit rate of 768 Kbps, and a caller joins at that rate and is later flow-controlled to a lower rate, the unused capacity is not returned to the system.

64 / 192 / 384 / 768

Default: 384


The video codec associated with this video type.

H.263 / H.264

Default: H.263

SRU cost

The resource cost for using this video type. The cost is based on the Max Bit Rate.

1 (for Max Bit Rate values of 64, 192, and 384)

2 (for Max Bit Rate value of 768)

Default: 1


Section for notes about this video type.

0-255 characters

Default: blank

Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)

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