Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express, Release 2.x -- Creating a Dedicated E-Mail Account on the Microsoft Exchange Server

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This section describes how to create a dedicated e-mail account on the Microsoft Exchange Server to enable communication with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express. For details about performing each step, see the documentation for your specific Microsoft Exchange Server.


The maximum length for the password for the dedicated e-mail account on the Microsoft Exchange Server is set by the NTLM authentication protocol. See for more information.

  1. Create a user on your Microsoft Windows domain, for example, "MeetingPlaceExpress."
  2. Create a mailbox for this user on the Microsoft Exchange Server.
  3. Ensure that the dedicated e-mail account has the "Send As" permission if the Microsoft Exchange Server is configured to disable anonymous access via SMTP.

Note: New to MPE 2.1 and later is support for both Exchange 2003/2007. To support both versions of Exchange notification services connect using SMTP port 25 vs OWA (2.0 and lower).

Connection failure from as seen in MPE System Information Capture look like:

[--rcms--][http-8080-Processor24] 2009-04-02 18:27:39,434 [ERROR,EmailSender 892] mail.MessagingException javax.mail.MessagingException: Could not connect to SMTP host: chqsrvr17, port: 25, response: -1

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