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This page is used to modify the content and appearance of e-mail notifications.

Note: If you upgrade your system from an earlier release, the system overwrites all custom e-mail notification templates and replaces them with the standard e-mail notification templates.

Field Reference: Edit Master Template (Basic)

Table: Fields on the Edit Master Template (Basic) Page
Field Description Value


Which template is being modified:

  • NotifyCancelAll-All meetings from the recurring chain cancelled
  • NotifyCancel-Meeting cancelled
  • NotifyReSchedule-Meeting rescheduled
  • NotifySchedule-New meeting scheduled
  • NotifyScheduleRes-(Microsoft Outlook only) New reservationless meeting
  • EmailBlast-E-mail blast

EmailBlast/NotifyReSchedule/ NotifyCancel/NotifyCancelAll/ NotifySchedule/ NotifyScheduleRes

Default: EmailBlast


For Release 2.0.x: Whether to modify the HTML or text version of the template.

For Release 2.1.x: Whether to modify the HTML, HTML iCal, or text version of the template.

Caution! If you modify an e-mail notification template, you must modify all the formats to keep them consistent with each other. Otherwise, users may receive different information about the same meeting, depending on the E-mail format setting in each user profile.

For Release 2.0.x: html/text

For Release 2.1.x: html/text/html_iCal

Default: html

Editing Area of the Edit Master Template (Basic) Page

Use the editing area on the Edit Master Template (Basic) page to modify the appearance of e-mail notifications.

  • For the HTML format, you can modify the font, size, color, and alignment of the text. You can also insert horizontal lines and hypertext links and modify the location of the graphics.
  • For the HTML_iCal format, you cannot add embedded images.
  • The tags ($notify_xxxx) are defined in language property files.

Note: The following notes apply to the graphics in e-mail notifications:

  • The HTML templates display only the size and location of each graphic.
  • Graphics cannot be previewed through the Administration Center and are displayed only in actual e-mail notifications.
  • E-mail notification graphics cannot be modified or replaced.
  • New graphics cannot be added to e-mail notifications.

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