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To use SSL to provide secure web communications to and from Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express, you must obtain two certificates from a trusted certificate authority (CA):

  • One for the End-User Interface and the Administration Center
  • One for web conferencing

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express does not support self-signed certificates. If you use self-signed, or unsigned, certificates, parts of the web meeting room will not work correctly.

Note: For Release 2.1 only: We now support the use of intermediate SSL certificates.

Whether or not SSL is enabled, e-mail notifications use click-to-attend URLs that begin with "http" instead of "https." When SSL is enabled, the system automatically redirects users to an "https" URL.

Note: If you are using Segmented Meeting Access (SMA), you must also use SSL to provide secure web communications between the primary and secondary servers. In this instance, you must obtain four certificates: two for the primary server and two for the secondary server. To set up the SSL for the secondary server, you use the same procedures as for the primary server, except that you use a different set of pages in the Administration Center.

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