Cisco Unified MeetingPlace - Application Server Hotfix Installation FAQ

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This page will provide information required to successfully install hotfixes on Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Application server. Here you will find answers on Frequently Asked Questions in regards to transferring files to MP Application server, decompressing files, moving them to the appropriate location, verifying hotfix file integrity, installing the hotfix, rolling back, etc.

Cisco MeetingPlace hotfixes and patches are now distributed through a Hotfix/Patch Installation Package format with a lightweight installer. The Patch Installation Package is provided in a gzip file with this filename pattern: MP<major_release_number><maintenance_release_number>_<hotfix_number>_<component_name>_<full_version_number>.bin.gz where:

  • major_release_number --- The major version of the software (for example, 8.5, 8.0, 7.1 shown without dot).
  • maintenance_release_number --- The MR number (for example, MR1, MR2,...).
  • hotfix_number --- Current HF number for given component.
  • component_name --- Name of the component: APP, Multinode(ConfMgr, Admin, bcl, and other Java components). Applicable for Audio Only deployments and Outlook component.
  • full_version_number --- Full version number without dots (

Example: MP85MR2_HF2_MultiNode_85419.bin.gz

Patches and Hotfixes are developed on top of a full installation version.

The Patch/Hotfix Installation Package is cumulative. For example, HF3 package contains all the fixes included in HF1 and HF2, as well as new fixes in HF3. In order to ensure the stability and consistency of the overall installation, installing patch/hotfix with, for example, number 5, causes all earlier patches/hotfixes (from 1 to 5) to be installed.

Installation instructions

Please review Readme file which is distributed with every Patch/Hotfix release for general instructions.


This section provides information about commonly encountered issues and how to resolve them.


  • Q. How to copy the hotfix file to the MP Application server using an SCP client (e.g. WinSCP)
  • A. If using Linux-like OS:*
    1. Open console/terminal and navigate ('cd') to the location of file.bin.gz
    2. Use 'scp' command to copy the file to the app server: $ scp file.bin.gz

NOTE: replace '' with FQDN of your application server.

    1. Enter 'mpxadmin' credentials and track copy progress.
  • A. If using MS Windows download the tool from* *[1]*
    1. Extract files into a WinSCP folder
    2. Run WinSCP.exe
    3. Enter Host name (MP Application server's IP address),
    4. User name (mpxadmin), Password (mpxadmin's password),and click Login
    5. Once you have established connection, just drag the hotfix file file.bin.gz from the left pane (your desktop) to the right pane (which is /home/mpxadmin directory on MP App server)
    6. Close WinSCP tool

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