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Note: To install Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 7.1 MR1, first install Release 7.1 FCS, then upgrade to Release 7.1 MR1. See How to Upgrade the Web Server.

Caution! This section is a brief overview of the web conferencing server installation for advanced administrators only. If you are new to the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system, we recommend that you read this entire chapter before you attempt to install the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Conferencing server.

For information on the values to enter, see Gathering Installation Values.

  1. Double-click the CiscoUnifiedMeetingPlaceWebConferencing.exe file to begin the installation.
  2. The system displays informational screens. Click Next.
    The system copies files and when finished, displays the first of two screens stating that the Gateway SIM installation is complete.
  3. Enter the hostname (FQDN) of the Application Server.
  4. Enter the IP address of the Web Server that you are currently installing.
  5. The system installs the Gateway SIM. When finished, click Next.
    The installation wizard continues to install the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace web conferencing software.
  6. Select the type of SQL Server you will install, either local or remote.
  7. If you chose a remote SQL Server, enter the hostname (FQDN) of the SQL Server.
  8. Enter the user name and password for the SQL Server.
  9. On the Web Conferencing InstallShield Wizard Complete window, click Finish.
    The installation program continues installing the web conferencing server. This part of the installation is done silently. The program reboots the server up to four times.

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