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Main page: Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 7.0

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To find this page, click Services > Logs > View System Logs. The output is displayed on the System Logs Page.

Table: Field Reference: View System Logs Page
Field Description

Severity level

For normal operations, select minor, which provides a list of all log entries, or information, which lists everything.

Default: major

Sort by date

Whether to list the oldest or newest messages first.

Note: The system sorts messages by using the date and time that each message was added to the log file. If time is not synchronized across all Cisco Unified MeetingPlace servers, then the time used for sorting may differ from the displayed time stamps, and the log messages may seem to appear out of order. The time stamp for each message is used by the system to filter out messages that are outside the specified start and end dates.

Default: Sort by date descending

Start date

Default: yesterday (mm/dd/yyyy)

End date

Default: today (mm/dd/yyyy)


The number of the software module whose log messages you want to see.

See Module Numbers.

Default: 0


Number used by the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Gateway System Integrity Manager (Gateway SIM) to identify the server.

Default: 0 (Application Server)

Rows per page

Default: 20

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