Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 7.0 -- Restrictions for Sending Microsoft Outlook Calendar Notifications for Meetings Scheduled from the End-User Web Interface

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Note: This page applies to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 7.0.2 and later. For information about this topic for Release 7.0.1, see Integrating with Microsoft Outlook.

  • You must never delete items from the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace-dedicated mailbox on the Microsoft Exchange Server, including the Deleted Items folder. The system automatically purges the inbox periodically.
  • On the Microsoft Outlook scheduling tab, users will see only the attendees whose user profiles have the same configuration for all of the following fields:
    • E-mail type and format
    • Language
    • Receive attachments
To enable users to see a complete list of invitees, set the "Include invitee list when scheduled from web user profile" field to Yes for all users who schedule meetings.
  • The Microsoft Outlook integration with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 6.0 supported both plain text and HTML-based notifications for meetings scheduled from Microsoft Outlook. HTML-based notifications are no longer supported in Release 7.0. Meetings scheduled from Microsoft Outlook, when integrated with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 7.0, support plain text notifications only.

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