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Main page: Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 7.0

Navigation: Integration > Enabling Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Scheduling from Microsoft Outlook

Note: This page applies to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 7.0.2 and later. For information about this topic for Release 7.0.1, see Integrating with Microsoft Outlook.

  • Invitees always receive Microsoft Outlook calendar notifications in the language that is specified in the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace user profile of the meeting owner.
  • If meetings scheduled through Microsoft Outlook are modified through the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace end-user web interface (by anyone, regardless of user type):
    • E-mail notifications are not sent for those changes.
    • The Microsoft Outlook calendar of the meeting owner and invitees will not reflect those changes.
  • (Release 7.0.3 only) Users of type End user and Delegate can make only limited changes via the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace end-user web interface to meetings that were scheduled from Microsoft Outlook. Specifically, these users can only make changes that cannot be made from Microsoft Outlook.
Users of type Attendant and System administrator are not restricted this way, for example, they can change meeting times and delete meetings from the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace end-user web interface.
  • We do not support multiple Microsoft Outlook users in a single Microsoft Windows login session. The username that was entered to log in to Microsoft Windows must match the Microsoft Outlook username, which is typically the mailbox name for the user.
  • Users are invited from the Microsoft Outlook directory and cannot be invited by Cisco Unified MeetingPlace profile. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace does, however, populate the meeting participant list using the user profiles with e-mail addresses that match those in the Microsoft Outlook meeting invitation.
  • Only one email notification template, plain-text NotifySchedule.tpl is used for the Microsoft Outlook calendar notifications.

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