Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 7.0 -- Prerequisites for Recording

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  • We recommend that you use an external storage device to prevent the Web Server from running out of disk space. See Configuring Shared Storage.
If you do not use an external storage device, make sure that you monitor the Alarm Table. If any Web Server disk space shortage issues appear, take immediate action to transfer the recordings to an external storage device.
  • In Release 7.0.3 (MR2), an audio participant must have joined the meeting before users can record a web meeting.

Caution! The Web Server will become inoperable if all the disk space is consumed. Specifically, the end-user web interface will become inaccessible. Also, because recordings on the Application Server will not be replicated to the Web Server, those recordings may be deleted from the system before they can be converted for user playback.

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