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Use this page to configure which Cisco Unified MeetingPlace servers become available in the client PC Microsoft Outlook options after the plug-in is installed.

  • To add a server, click Add New.
  • To edit an existing entry, click the name of that entry.
  • To delete an entry, check the item and click Delete Selected.

To find this page, click System Configuration > Outlook Plug-In Configuration.

Note: This page appears only when the msft_int license is installed.

Table: Field Reference: Outlook Plug-In Configuration Page, Add Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Server Page, and Edit Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Server Page
Field Description

Make Cisco Unified MeetingPlace form the default appointment form

Whether to use the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace scheduling form by default for all new Microsoft Outlook appointments and meetings.

The user can override this setting from Microsoft Outlook by clicking Tools > Options and selecting the MeetingPlace tab.

Default: Yes


Unique name to appear in the list of available Cisco Unified MeetingPlace systems in the Microsoft Outlook options on the end-user PC.

Restriction: This field cannot contain any spaces. You may, however, use an underscore character (_), for example, "my_mpx_server."


URL of the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace server to associate with the entered Name.

If SSL is enabled, be sure that the URL starts with "https" and not "http".

Required format: http://<hostname>/outlook/mpe

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