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To find this page, click System Configuration > Outlook Authentication Configuration.

Note: This page appears only when the msft_int license is installed.

Use this page to configure the default authentication method for users who schedule Cisco Unified MeetingPlace meetings from Microsoft Outlook.

If you select the Single sign-on authentication method, the following options become available:

  • To add a domain, click Add New.
  • To edit an existing entry, click the name of that entry.
  • To delete an entry, check the item and click Delete Selected.

Note: This page was introduced in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 7.0.2.

Table: Field Reference: Outlook Authentication Configuration Page, Add Outlook Single Sign-On Domain Page, and Edit Outlook Single Sign-On Domain Page
Field Description

Outlook Default Authentication method

Choose between the Remember me and Single sign-on user authentication options.

Restriction: The Single sign-on option is available only when SSL is enabled on the Application Server.

Default: Remember me

Outlook Single Sign-On Domain

Specify all domains that are used by your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace for Microsoft Outlook users.

NOTE: If you enter any uppercase letters, the system automatically converts them to lowercase letters.

The domain that is listed in the Application Server is the workgroup domain that the client PC is in, not the user domain that the user is logged into. So if your PC is in and your user account is domainB\<user name>, then this value should be domainA.

Default: Application Server domain, which was set during installation.

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