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To find this page, click System Configuration > Outlook Authentication Configuration.

Note: This page appears only when the msft_int license is installed.

Use this page to configure the default authentication method for users who schedule Cisco Unified MeetingPlace meetings from Microsoft Outlook.

If you select the Single sign-on authentication method, the following options become available:

  • To add a domain, click Add New.
  • To edit an existing entry, click the name of that entry.
  • To delete an entry, check the item and click Delete Selected.

Note: This page was introduced in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 7.0.2.

Table: Field Reference: Outlook Authentication Configuration Page, Add Outlook Single Sign-On Domain Page, and Edit Outlook Single Sign-On Domain Page
Field Description

Outlook Default Authentication method

Choose between the Remember me and Single sign-on user authentication options.

Restriction: The Single sign-on option is available only when SSL is enabled on the Application Server.

Default: Remember me

Outlook Single Sign-On Domain

Specify all domains that are used by your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace for Microsoft Outlook users.

Wildcards are supported, for example, *

If you enter any uppercase letters, the system automatically converts them to lowercase letters.

Default: Application Server domain, which was set during installation.

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