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This report provides information about meetings that occur in the specified date range. The output is grouped by User ID of the meeting owner. To find this page, click Reports > Meeting Information Report.

Table: Field Reference and Output Field Reference: Meeting Information Report Page
Field Description

Report type

Output format, either text or HTML.


Output destination. For restrictions and recommendations for each option, see Reports and Exported Data.

Start date

Default: yesterday (mm/dd/yyyy)

End date

Default: today (mm/dd/yyyy)

Check Boxes and Output Fields

Show all fields

Displays all fields in the report output.

Note: Unchecking this clears all check boxes that are not dimmed.

Owner ID

User ID of the meeting owner.

Date held

Date and time that this meeting took place.

Billing code

Billing code for the meeting.

Disk space purge date

Date and time when recordings for the meeting will be deleted from the Application Server. This purge date cannot be changed, and it is set to 7 days after the meeting ends.

Scheduled length

Length of time scheduled for the meeting.

Actual length

Actual meeting length, from when the first meeting participant joined to when the last meeting participant left.

Roll call

Number of minutes used to record the participant names or locations.

Has recording

Not supported. Appears only in Release 7.0.1.

Additional Output Fields

Total for <User ID>

Sums of the following items for the user:

Number of Meetings

Number of meetings in this report that were owned by the user.

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