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This page provides information about each meeting that was cancelled during a specified range of dates. To find this page, click Reports > Meeting Cancellation Report.

Table: Field Reference: Meeting Cancellation Report Page
Field Description

Report type

Output format, either text or HTML.

Restriction: If you select txt, all fields are displayed in the report output. The check boxes for selecting fields become dimmed.


Output destination. For restrictions and recommendations for each option, see Reports and Exported Data.

Sort by

Whether you want the report data sorted by scheduler ID, meeting ID, or date.

Default: Meeting ID

Start date

Default: yesterday (mm/dd/yyyy)

End date

Default: today (mm/dd/yyyy)

Check Boxes and Output Fields

Show all fields

Displays all fields in the report output.

Unchecking this clears all check boxes, except Scheduler ID and Meeting ID.

Scheduler ID

Name of the meeting owner.

Restriction: This check box cannot be cleared.

Meeting Subject

Meeting subject.

Number of required ports

Number of ports that were reserved for the meeting.

Required length of conference

Length of time scheduled for the meeting.

Meeting ID

Meeting ID.

Restriction: This check box cannot be cleared.

Start date/time of conference

Scheduled start date and time of the meeting.

Billing code

See Billing code.

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