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Note: To use the MeetingPlace Conference Manager, you must have either System Manager or Attendant privileges.

Caution!! To avoid system issues, we recommend that you limit the usage of concurrent Conference Manager sessions.

Before You Begin
  • If you have not opened the application, double-click the meetingmanager.jnlp icon on your desktop.
  • Make sure that your version of MeetingPlace Conference Manager is the same or greater than the server that you are trying to access.

  1. Click the name of a server from the Server Name column.
  2. Click Login.
  3. (Optional) If you did not enter your username and password when you added the server, the Login to Server window displays. Enter your username and password information then click Login.
    Once you are logged in, the Search screen for the chosen server displays.

Troubleshooting Tips
  • If you cannot log in to a server due to a username or password that was incorrectly saved, edit the server information. See Editing an Existing Server for instructions.
  • You can log in to multiple servers then choose which server you want to monitor by choosing the server from the Server drop-down list on the main page.
  • If you unsuccessfully try to log in to the same server three times, you will have to contact the system administrator of the Application Server to unlock your profile.

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