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To find this page, click Maintenance > Licenses > Install Licenses.

Table: Field Reference: Install Licenses Page
Field Description

Upload new license file

Specifies to delete all previously installed licenses before installing the license file.

Restriction: Select this option only when uploading licenses to your system for the first time, or in the unlikely event that you must install an entirely new set of licenses.

Append incremental license file

Specifies to keep all the previously installed licenses and to add additional licenses from the license file.

Host ID (MAC address)

Display only. MAC address of the Application Server. You need this address to obtain licenses.

License file to use

Directory path and filename of the license file.

Install License

Installs the file specified in the License file to use field.

Restart License Manager

Use this button to start or restart the license manager.

Download License

Use this button to save a copy of the license file.

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