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Parameter Description


A short description that distinguishes your meeting in Search results and meeting confirmation pages for users. If no subject is specified, the last name of the meeting scheduler is used to populate this field.

Meeting ID

A number that allows the system to uniquely identify a meeting that is occurring at any particular time. The system can automatically assign meeting IDs, or you can assign a custom ID.

Start Time

The time you want your meeting to start. This is based on your time zone setting.


The duration of your meeting in minutes. The default maximum meeting length is 24 hours for voice meetings and 12 hours for web meetings. The minimum meeting length is 2 minutes.

On behalf of user

The user ID of the person for whom you are scheduling a meeting.

Note: This field is available only to users who have Attendant or System Manager privileges.


When checked, this meeting will appear in the list of results when users use the Find Meeting feature on the end-user web interface.


Your meeting type.

Personal-A meeting associated with your profile number that you can start right away. In Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, this is also referred to as a reservationless meeting.

Regular-The default meeting type set by your system administrator.

Lecture-style-A meeting in which there is one or more Speakers. The majority of participants are Listeners and are only granted speaking privileges by the meeting moderator. This meeting type is usually meant for one-to-many meetings.

Reserve all ports-A meeting that reserves all ports so that a system administrator can schedule a maintenance window.

Note: (Cisco WebEx integration only) If you select Cisco WebEx as the Web conference provider, then you can only schedule Personal and Regular meetings.


An optional parameter that allows you to set your meeting within a specified category of meetings (for example, all Sales meetings or Crisis meetings).

Note: This field is available only if your system administrator configured meeting categories.


An optional password that you are setting for your meeting.

If you choose to protect a meeting with a password, all invitees must enter this password to access your meeting. If you do not require password protection, leave this field blank.

Billing code

If your company uses bill-backs, this field contains the number that is used to identify the group or department that should be billed for this meeting.

Audio ports

The number of audio ports to reserve for the meeting.

Enable video

When checked, video is enabled for the meeting.

Reserve video

When checked, video ports (the same number as you specified in the Audio ports field) are reserved for the meeting.


Click the button to change the recurrence pattern.

Web conference provider

Choose between Cisco WebEx and Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Conferencing.

Note: This field appears only when Cisco Unified MeetingPlace is integrated with Cisco WebEx.

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