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To find this page, click System Configuration > Flex Fields Configuration, and then click one of the flex field entries.

Table: Field Reference: Edit Flex Fields Page
Field Description


Whether the flex field appears in the end-user web interface and in reports and exported data.


Field title that appears in user profiles, user groups, or meetings.


Information type that determines the format in which the flex field value is stored and interpreted.

Restriction: If you modify the Type of an existing flex field, the corresponding flex field value in existing user groups, user profiles, and meeting records will be replaced by the default value applicable to the newly specified Type. See Table: Default Flex Field Values.

Import title

Header field to use in import and export files.

Protection level

Controls user access to this flex field from the end-user web interface:

  • Invisible -- Users cannot see the field.
  • Display-only -- Users can see but not edit the field.
  • Editable -- Users can see and edit the field value.

Note: In Release 7.0.1, this field also affects whether the flex field appears or can be modified from the Administration Center.

Use custom drop-down list

Whether users enter text or choose from a drop-down list that you create.

To activate this field, set the Type field to Text.

New drop-down list item

Drop-down list

Use these fields to view and define a drop-down list of options for the flex field.

To activate this field, set the Use custom drop-down list field to Yes.


  • Do not include any commas (,) when you add a drop-down list item.
  • The combined length of all drop-down list items cannot exceed 300 - n characters, where n is the number of drop-down list items you defined.

Required field

Whether the flex field is a required field:

  • Yes -- If a user tries to schedule a meeting or save a user profile that includes an empty required field, then an error message appears.
  • No -- Default value.

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