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Notes about Printing as PDF

You can easily make a PDF of any sets of DocWiki pages. Because you enter DocWiki page names, the PDF always contains the latest versions of the pages on the DocWiki.

To make it easier for you, we have created several groupings of related pages that you might want to print. See Common Search Groups By Function to see page groupings by function (such as installation, configuration, or troubleshooting).

Directions for Generating a PDF of Multiple DocWiki Pages at One Time

Read through all these instructions before you do them.

Note: Keep this page open so that you can see these instructions.

  1. RIGHT-CLICK this page Common Search Groups By Function and select "Open in New Window".
  2. Read through the list of pages on that page. Highlight and copy the list of page names that you want to print.
    • Tip: On the new page, click the link in the Table of Contents to go the section you want.
    • Once you find the grouping of pages that you want to print, do not click the page names, just highlight them.
    • Do not include the group header name.
    • Do Control-C to copy the list of page names.
  3. Return to this page.
  4. On the left, in the toolbox, right-click Special pages.
  5. Click Open in New Window.
  6. Scroll down and click Pdf Export.
  7. In the form, paste the list of DocWiki page names that you copied in step 2.
  8. Click Make PDF.
  9. Select either Open or Save.

The system generates a PDF of the pages you selected.

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