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Before You Begin

You must disable SSL before making any Site Configuration changes.

  1. Sign in to the end-user web interface.
  2. Click Admin.
  3. Click Site.
  4. From the "View" section of the page, click the name of the site you want to configure.
    Information about this site populates the "Edit" section of the page.
  5. Select field options to configure the site.
    The Site Name entry on the Site administration page must match the Web Server Name entry on the Web Server administration page. This must be consistent for each site. If these entries do not match, searches will not display the same site name.
    Note: The "Warn before Rolling onto Site" field is part of the WebConnect feature and is not supported in this release.
  6. Select Yes for all parameters in the Site Customization Default Values section.
    Choosing Yes synchronizes all of the Web Servers in this site to share the same parameters.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Repeat Step 4 through Step 7 for each remaining site listed in the "View" section of the Site administration page.

Troubleshooting Tips

To delete a site from your image, select it and click Delete. You can only delete external sites from an image.

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