Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 7.0 -- Configuring How Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Displays an Endpoint as a Meeting Participant

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Complete this task if you want to change how a phone or video endpoint appears in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace reports, video labels, and participant lists. For example, if the name of a person is displayed, then you can complete this task to have Cisco Unified MeetingPlace display the directory number (phone number) of the endpoint instead.


This procedure supports Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 7.0.2 and later.

Before You Begin

You perform this task in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration pages. Because the pages and menus vary by release, you should check the Cisco Unified Communications Manager online help for step-by-step instructions for your specific release.


1. Go to http://cucm-server/, where cucm-server is the fully-qualified domain name or IP address of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server.
2. Sign in to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration.
3. Select Device > Phone.
4. Find the phone by searching for the Directory Number.
5. Select the Device Name for the phone.
The device name appears as the MAC address of the phone, preceded by a few characters.
6. Find the Association Information area on the left side of the screen.
7. Select the Line for the relevant directory number.
8. Find the following fields on the Directory Number Configuration page:
  • Directory Number
  • Display (Internal Caller ID)
  • ASCII Display (Internal Caller ID)
9. Do one of the following:
  • If you want Cisco Unified MeetingPlace to always display the Directory Number of this endpoint, then delete all text in the Display (Internal Caller ID) and ASCII Display (Internal Caller ID) fields.
  • Modify the Display (Internal Caller ID) field to whatever text you want Cisco Unified MeetingPlace to display for this endpoint, for example, a name. The text you enter will automatically be copied to the ASCII Display (Internal Caller ID) field after you save your changes.
10. Select Save.

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