Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 7.0 -- Checking database sizes using the dbsize utility

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The dbsize utility lists the sizes of several important database tables. The utility must be run as root.

The size of some of these tables can have an impact on the performance of the system. The recommended maximum number of records for specific tables is shown below; these limits should be checked periodically using the dbsize utility and the numbers reduced when necessary by using the applicable process.

  • Number of users (recommended maximum): 250,000

To reduce: verify active users, delete obsolete entries using the Web Admin tool

  • Number of conferences (recommended maxium): 400,000

To reduce: reduce the "Days until meeting statistics deleted" setting on the Meeting Configuration page in the Web Admin tool. The reduction will take place over time as new meetings are scheduled with the new deletion date and older meetings are purged from the system.

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