Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 7.0 -- Before You Begin Installing your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 7.0 System

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Main page: Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 7.0

Up one level: Planning Your Deployment

Before you can start installing your new system, you need to answer the following questions:

  • How many users will your system serve?
  • Will your system host voice meetings, video meetings, web meetings, or a combination?
  • For voice deployments, are you using a hosted (Cisco Managed Services) system?
  • For web deployments, will you use Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web, Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, or a combination?
  • For video deployments, which type of video endpoints do you use?
  • Which e-mail system will you use for meeting notifications (if any)?
  • Which instant messaging system will you use (if any)?
  • Are you re-using any components from a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 6.0 system?

Answering those questions will determine the following:

  • The type of hardware servers you need. For example, should you use a Cisco MCS 7845 or Cisco MCS 7835? Should you use a Cisco 3545 Media Server or Cisco 3515 Media Server?
  • How many of each hardware server you need
  • If you need to purchase additional licenses
  • Which software components to install
  • Which integrations to install
  • If you need to configure your system for redundancy
  • If you need to configure your system for RSNA
  • If you need to configure your system for users or if they will be imported from a Unified Communications Manager

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